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Woodland birds including the scarlet robin are disappearing across much of NSW, and could disappear completely within 100 years if no action is taken.

To help reverse this trend, Molonglo Conservation Group is now working to protect and enhance key habitat on six travelling stock reserves (TSRs) on the roads connecting Bungendore to Queanbeyan, Tarago and Braidwood. We’re also working with local landholders and schools to raise awareness of the conservation issues and opportunities.

This work will benefit:

  • three threatened ecological communities including critically endangered box-gum woodland
  • four key bird species (scarlet robin, flame robin, speckled warbler and dusky woodswallow)
  • many other threatened and rare species including the buttercup doubletail

Our work on this project is being funded by the NSW Government through a partnership between the Saving our Species program and the Environmental Trust ($280,000/7years).

Our ecology team is also being assisted by a number of individual bird watchers, who are helping us establish what bird species are present on the TSRs at different times of year. You can view and also add to our TSR bird data through eBird, the world’s largest biodiversity-related citizen science project.

For more information about this project contact Senior Ecologist Lesley Peden

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Woodland birds TSRs map

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LogoEnhancing travelling stock reserves to benefit threatened native birds

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Threatened species


TSR gate
Many TSRs are of significant environmental value (Photo by Liz O’Donnell MCG)

Molonglo Conservation is still hard at work creating “stepping stones” for wildlife on local travelling stock reserves (TSRs), despite the restrictions on travel due to Covid-19.

CIT students visited TSRs multiple times over a period of months (Photo courtesy Hannah Kapelj)

Environmental science students from the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) have completed baseline survey work and reported back on the health of six local travelling stock reserves (TSRs) as part of an ongoing MCG project to save our


TSR walk
Walkers were rewarded with plenty of spring sunshine (Photo by Liz O’Donnell, MCG)

Almost 40 people turned out for a guided tour of local travelling stock reserves (TSRs) on 23 August 2019.