Newsletter - December 2019



Volunteer Needs Survey: Tell us what you need!


Molonglo Conservation Group is undertaking a community survey and we need your feedback.  If you are an environmental volunteer, aspiring volunteer, rural landholder or peri-urban landholder, then please have a go at completing this quick survey.  

The results will tell us how we can best serve you; from how we use existing funding to support the community and what we should ask for when we apply for more funds for capacity building.  

We will be sharing the results of this survey amongst the regional network of Landcare facilitators and NGOs so you don't have to be in the Molonglo Catchment to undertake the survey.  Regional grants require regional collaboration so the more the merrier! 

We know there's surveys galore.  But rest assured we will put this one to good use.  Molonglo Conservation Group will be utilising the results of this to run over ten workshops/training events in the new year, thanks to funding from the ACT Government.

Thanks all.  We hope to help make your volunteering an even more valuable contribution.