Waterway health


WaterwatchWaterwatch is part of a community water quality monitoring program that brings people together from all parts of the community to raise awareness, educate, monitor, restore and protect our precious waterways. Waterwatch involves local community, catchment groups, Landcare, as well as residents, schools, utilities and landowners to regularly monitor the water quality of local creeks, wetlands, lake, rivers and stormwater drains.

River restoration

Wandiyali banks to bush riparian linkages project grant funded by the NSW Environmental Trust to restore Jerrabomberra Creek and surrounding rural land.

The project involves revegetating historically cleared creek banks, excluding livestock from riparian areas, controlling invasive plants and conducting monitoring to determine the effects of the project. The project has restored more than 2 km of waterway, removing major threats to the ecological value of the waterway, providing bird habitat and improving ecological condition and connectivity.

creek revegetation and willow control activitiescreek revegetation and willow control activities
Before and after photos showing creek revegetation and willow control activities.

revegetation plantings one year after planting
Close view of revegetation plantings one year after planting