Karen Williams

Karen Williams

President & Managing Director

Karen works with people and environment to adapt and develop innovative ways of integrating natural resource management, social history, community history, community (cultural) development, and the visual arts. Karen uses specific skills—as author, scholar, researcher and artist—to initiate the creative interaction of environment, culture and social inclusion.

Karen’s doctoral thesis provides a conceptual framework that recognises situated ways of knowing and liberating subjugated knowledges, particularly at the interface between Indigenous cultures of industrialised countries. Developing sustainability initiatives and education, the framework integrates economic, socio-cultural and environmental considerations to bridge between Western and Indigenous knowledge.

Karen uses a reflexive process of experience and reflection, providing the conceptual basis of a research method that does not privilege theory over practice; recognising, instead, the role of reflexivity as a fundamental grounding stage in the development of theory.


NRM program design, grant applications and management

Development of integrated Aboriginal NRM

Reform of the business strategy, and development of a corporate plan and operational plan

Reform of corporate governance, board of directors, and the constitution

Review of the Molonglo Catchment Strategy (2015), promoting socio cultural outcomes in what is otherwise a technical document

Mentoring the Manager of the ACT Environment Grants for “Caring for Ngunawal Pathways” project

Murray-Darling Basin Priorities Project (ACT)—Project Advisory Group

ACT Heritage Award (1998)


ACT Heritage—Ngunawal pathways project

Karen Williams



Community and stakeholder engagement

Integrated Aboriginal NRM

NRM program design and management